Happy April!

What’s new?

::: a meal plan again after a week’s hiatus, making use of food from the freezer and our weekly batch of chicken broth

::: one of my classes is finished! I’m down to teaching twice a week now (from four). I will miss those students, but not the crazy schedule!

::: an updated routine that needs to feature better organization and bits of guilt-free time for me

::: approximately 1.5 more rows on mom’s fingerless gloves

::: an amazingly clean, tidy house!

::: weather that feels like it’s actually spring!

::: exercising again after a week’s hiatus. I deliberately didn’t overdo it, and it felt fantastic!

::: taking some unwanted stuff to the consignment store and the donation place. There were a couple of pangs that surprised me – it’s already hard to get rid of toys Minnie used to sort of like that were given by loved ones! I tried to keep my focus on the space we were freeing up and the hope that these toys would become favorites of some other little kids. (Don’t worry mom, we still have a ton of toys for Minnie as well as Hypothetical Baby #2.)

What’s new with you?