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Over at Get Rich Slowly, my favorite staff writer Kristin Wong wrote a really nice article called Overwork and the Illusion of a “High Paying” Job. Basically, is a huge salary that “costs” 80 hours a week really a huge salary?

Though this article appeals to personal finance geeks (such as myself), in her exploration of the topic she addresses something more fundamental than income: practicing contentment vs. actively setting and pursuing goals.

Wong writes,

When it comes to being appreciative of what you have, I’m all for looking at things against the backdrop of “someone has it worse.” But using that perspective to keep you from your goals doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Leo Babauta at Zen Habits eloquently points out that contentment is a choice that comes from within, and one that leads to happiness.

My question is: how does one person simultaneously hold the mindset of contentment and the mindset of pursuing more? All while scraping play dough and spaghetti sauce off of various surfaces of my home?