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We spent my Spring Break at my folks’ place in New York. We enjoyed lots of family time with grandma and grandpa, great-grandma, and auntie.

Minnie just lapped up all the attention and love. Her second favorite activity, after being doted upon? Tramping around the yard with an empty watering can.

Watering on the First Day of Spring

Minnie waters Grandma’s rhododendron.

Dogwood and Pine

About to burst into flower.

Front Tree Trunk

This tree was quite young when we first moved here – skinny and tied to support poles.

Front Tree Branches

The branches of the front tree that was once so small. There’s nothing like a tree and your own kid to make you really consider time!

Minnie Marches with Watering Can


Last Season's Hydrangeas

Last season’s hydrangeas

Tiger Lily Shoots

This season’s tiger lilies.

Minnie and the tiny pebbles

Minnie was obsessed with the little pebbles at the base of the potted tree.

Puppy in the Watering Can

It turns out that puppy was with us the whole time.

This is already Minnie’s third Spring. She spent most of the first one held close to me and J in her Moby wrap. She spent her second one just learning how to walk, arms high in the air for balance. And here in her third one, she’s asking to go outside, exploring everything, watering anything, and telling us all about it.

Happy Spring!