Minnie and I got to go out to lunch today with some friends from my mother’s and grandmother’s generation. This post and the next one will be about ideas from our conversations.

I think that the highlights from the diner for Minnie were the trucks and trains going by the diner at regular intervals, ice cubes, her very own mug of “tea,” and hanging out with her new friend PB, a grandmother of six.

For me, the chit chat was definitely a highlight. One recurring theme that was particularly fascinating to me was the ladies’ adult children’s clutter remaining in the house.

Clutter at mom’s house

One lady around my grandma’s age said that her sons (presumably my mother’s age) still have things in their old bedrooms and in the attic. A lot of things. She doesn’t even use those rooms because the things in them aren’t hers.

Cluttered Shed by UnnarYmir on Flickr.com

Cluttered Shed by UnnarYmir on Flickr.com


Another lady around my mom’s age said that she got tired of having to vault over her adult children’s college books, furniture from past moves, etc. in order to do the laundry. So one day she hired a moving van to drive the stuff to her kids’ houses several hours away. She notified her kids the morning of the delivery.


Oh, the wildly different parenting personalities!

Where do I fall as an adult kid? I’ve still got clutter at my folks’, but it sounds like it’s not nearly as bad as some. But I guess I really should do a bit more – it’s out of sight out of mind for me, but it can be a real burden on the parents.

It was really valuable to learn more about it by listening to a conversation among peers. If they were just telling me about it, it would probably feel like an accusation (deserved, but off-putting nonetheless).

Only time will tell where I fall as a parent dealing with my kid’s clutter. I feel like living in a condo with so little storage is a boon, though. I’m sure Minnie will attract her share of clutter, but at least it physically cannot spill into the basement, since there is none!

I wish I’d asked the ladies what they thought of that conclusion of mine! If you have some opinions about it, do tell!

Part II of this post to follow later in the week…