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Lately, I’ve found myself very focused on things that are not blog-fodder. Nothing bad, just not quite bloggable.

There have been a few weeks with no meal plan (gasp!), weeks and weeks without a single stitch knitted (sorry mom!), and I finally sent my friend’s sewing machine back home after its frighteningly expensive repair (sorry Minnie – no quilt for you any time soon!).

I have been…

:::teaching three evenings and one morning every week

:::repeating to my students for several weeks: “Spring is coming.”

:::listening and laughing while my funny toddler talks (and talks and talks)

:::doing better at participating in mom’s club and working hard to appear as friendly as I feel

:::starting to fall out of touch with friends, but also working to reverse that trend!

:::basking, reveling, zooming around the house, etc. in my two mornings per week of free childcare

:::exercising somewhat regularly using streaming videos on Amazon Prime. I started slow (very, very slow) and have come a long way already.

:::reading for fun – some new and some re-reads