I made some serious progress on some crafts this holiday season!

Sorry for the low-quality pictures. I’m mostly using my mom’s old iPod now that my phone is toast, and its camera isn’t great. But it’s so convenient! I’ll try to be better about using my real camera now that I know where it is again. 🙂

I guess it sounds silly to admit it here, but here it is: I didn’t give any handmade gifts for Christmas this year…but I did start and finish mitts for myself. (Ravelry notes.)

My Mitts!

My Mitts!

In my defense, I cast on for some mitts for my mom as soon as mine were finished. And I hadn’t known that she wanted any. And I only had wool and she hates wool. Work on her mitts is slow-going because my wrists were tingling after the solid week of knitting that produced my own mitts. Mom says she’s in no hurry – I hope she was serious!

Mom's Mitts

Mom’s Mitts – a size/pattern swatch first

I also borrowed my sister’s superior fabric-cutting equipment to finish cutting the interior squares of Minnie’s quilt! Then the whole family joined in to experiment with the layout on the dining room table very shortly before dinner (Sorry mom!). Super fun! This is not the final layout, and the colors look even warmer here than they are in real life, but it’s quite similar.

Minnie's Quilt Layout

Minnie’s Quilt Layout

We bundled up the pieces in order, ready for me to work up the courage to start chain stitching them together… in straight lines… with perfectly aligned corners… yeah. Luckily, I got a seam ripper in my Christmas stocking. 🙂

Bundles of Squares for Minnie's Quilt

Bundles of Squares for Minnie’s Quilt

Also, I’m a little obsessed with that bumble bee fabric on the bottom left. Love love love it!

Bumble Bee Fabric!

Bumble Bee Fabric!

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