Happy New Year!

While 2014 is off to a pretty good start this year, I’m a bit conflicted about the idea of New Year’s: it’s such an arbitrary marker of a new beginning, yet marking new beginnings (particularly cyclical ones) helps give rhythm and meaning to our lives.

Winter Clouds

Winter clouds on New Year’s Day

For me, it does feel like a new beginning, but it has more to do with the Fall semester ending, Christmas being celebrated and put away for next year, and looking forward to Minnie’s birthday and the upcoming semester. A time between.

So… what’s new?

  • I’ve been doing more cleaning and organizing than usual – which admittedly isn’t all that much, but it feels good. 🙂
  • My in-laws are in town (a 20 min drive away instead of 20 hours!) for the next eight months. This means… regular childcare for the first time in Minnie’s life! (also trustworthy and loving and family-centered… and free!) Right now we’re looking at 2 mornings a week. Of glory.
  • I’m trying to be very intentional about how I use that glory time. How do I want to feel as a result of that time? What do I want to start, and chip away at, and finish?
  • J and I went on a date during our Christmas holiday, which consisted of fantastic paninis and quite a few errands.
  • J and I went on another date less than two full weeks later, which consisted of hot chocolate and board games.
  • Minnie and I have been doing a bit of yoga via Amazon Prime Instant Video this week. She thinks it’s silly (and tells me so) and likes to sit under me during Downward Dog pose.
  • I couldn’t find my camera after getting home from Christmas, but I found it today! I immediately uploaded everything – it was a relief that all of those visual holiday memories were not lost after all.

I’ve got some plans for a small craft update tomorrow. And then we’ll see!

What’s new with you this week/month/year?