So… I broke my smartphone on Tuesday morning.

It was me, not Minnie. And while it wasn’t exactly on purpose, it wasn’t exactly an accident either.

We get terrible reception here – this has nothing to do with my phone, and everything to do with the dearth of cell towers. It’s enormously frustrating, especially on top of not having a land line and having a lot of trouble getting good sound quality and reliability out of the computer via Skype, Google Voice, etc.  But I was trying to call the pediatrician to get Minnie’s cough checked out, and the phone kept cutting out. I was super frustrated, on top of being groggy and worried and hungry.

And so what happened was that when it dropped another attempted call after a mere 13 seconds, I deliberately slammed the phone down. If I had known that that was The slam (because there have been other slams) that would end its usefulness, I would not have slammed it. So in that sense it was not on purpose.

But if you’re deliberately too rough with your tech, you should not be surprised when the day comes that you break it.


So I don’t have a phone at all right now. And there hasn’t really been a moment to try to re-activate an old dumb-phone as a stop-gap solution.

J is full of solutions about how to get me another smartphone, improve reception, etc. But firstly, I hesitate to instantly replace the toy I just broke. It seems spoiled and wrong, you know?

Secondly, and perhaps undermining the point above, I’m not positive that I want another smartphone. Mine was a source of frustration for several reasons, mostly for its pathetic battery life (and the way it rejected my car charger – such a sad combo!) and for key apps crashing or updating when I really need them to just work (i.e. no no little shopping list app, please don’t auto-update while I’m at the grocery store and need my list). It was also a really huge source of distraction. I had a lot of trouble being intentional about my usage, and it amounted to a lot of wasted time spent on “brain candy” and missed moments when I should have been present.

So far I don’t miss the crashing apps or always making sure it’s with me or even the brain candy. I’m sort of bummed that I don’t have a wireless way to upload pictures of Minnie for the family and of random stuff for this blog, but I do have a perfectly good camera with wires and such.

We’ll see what I think after a week or two!