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I need to…

Hm, I wrote out a preliminary to-do list, and it made me cranky. Deleted! There’s lots to do in the house (cooking, cleaning, Christmas, cards, etc.), but it helps me be less cranky to get out of the house, but I need to find time to shower in order to get out of the house, so balance will need to be found there.

I’m also trying not to be cranky that I’m in a cheek-biting cycle.

Really quick, then, a better list. Cool things that Minnie does right now:

  • sings Twinkle variations (“Twinkle twinkle little Minnie / Minnie sings a broken muffin”)
  • says a very adult “Um!” when she’s about to say something
  • shouts “ooOOOooh!” when she finds something she’s looking for
  • helps load the dishwasher
  • throws out the dryer lint for me when I do laundry
  • asks specifically to cuddle with mommy and daddy (and then cuddles!)

Here’s to a not-cranky weekend!