It all started this past summer when we visited a small tourist town in Minnesota while vacationing with family.

On this trip I naively entered a quilt store.  Naive because I’ve always been fascinated by and in awe of the huge project of making a quilt, but I have no shortage of things to do or things to spend our family’s single income on. I had no business even being in there.

Even more foolishly, I entered this den of temptation with my mother. Predictably, my mother encouraged/convinced me to buy the materials because they were to make a treasure for Minnie – never mind the (significant) cost and the fact that I don’t really know how to sew and that the last time I tried to cut material accurately (and I tried quite hard, mind you) was an absurd failure.

And the icing on the cake of my perfect quilt-buying storm was that I engaged with a very kind, helpful, patient employee who reminded me strongly of a friend I lost to cancer several years ago.

So when I saw the ridiculously cute, bright, cheery, gender-neutral kid’s quilt on display… I just didn’t stand a chance.

Stack of Minnie Quilting Materials


I walked out of there with the material to make Minnie a quilt from her Mommy. J was a honey about the unplanned hobby/gift purchase, and Minnie was fascinated by the fabric, and I tucked it away safe in my wardrobe to wait for The Moment I was ready to get started.

Then several months later, on Tuesday this week to be precise, The Moment arrived. I just had to get started. Despite my  fear of ruining the fabric by cutting horribly. It was time.

Stack to Iron for Minnie Quilt


(Notice the clutter and the Christmas decorations still in the storage box. I’ve made the best of this by putting discrete decluttering/decorating tasks onto the advent calendar, which I plan to share up sometime. So we might be decorated for Christmas at least slightly before Christmas!)

Real quilters, you might want to put down your mug so you don’t snort-laugh coffee all over your keyboard, but it took me a full 45 minutes to cut 6 6.5″ squares from the third-yard cuts. Today’s cutting seemed a little quicker, but I had the lovely interruption of an old, dear friend calling and I forgot to check the time.

In any case, I now have two colors cut reasonably well! Six more to go for the front of the quilt, plus the border.

First two colors cut.

First two colors cut. Lola isn’t sure what to make of all of this.

So my plan is to cut a color a day, during nap time (third color coming up this afternoon! Woo!) I’m hoping that spacing it this way will help me stay patient enough to measure carefully and slowly using the only tools I’ve got: a cheap rotary cutter, a pencil, and an old wooden ruler.

Looking forward to the quilt journey!

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