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Thanksgiving was so great this year.

Same place as last year. Same people, plus my BIL who now lives nearby.

Minnie had so much fun playing with our friend’s son who’s about a year older. They played together, squabbled over toys, chased each other, shrieked and giggled, did happy dances, etc.

I think my favorite is that sometimes they would think they lost each other. In reality they were usually between 1 and 20 feet away, but looking in the wrong direction. And then they would ask the adults where the other kid was (“Where’s Minnie?”), and when they found each other they would start shrieking and happy-dancing and running again.

I’m trying to figure out why I had so much fun and felt so relaxed and happy. It was partly that Minnie was happy and well-occupied, and it was partly that I had a whopping 6 sips of wine.

But I think it was also that I tend to spend a lot of time among acquaintances – other moms on the playground, folks at the local Mom’s club, etc. As friendly and kind as these neighbors of mine are, it came as an unexpected but huge relief to be around people I’ve known for years, people who were at my wedding, people who I know won’t be horrified if a story I tell is embellished by an F-bomb… oh my goodness. I really need to make sure to see these guys more often!