Today has been very nice so far!

A local friend came over with her 14-month-old, and we hung out a bit and played. Minnie liked taking her toys away from her little friend… luckily, he didn’t seem to mind too much! Yep, she’s just about two years old alright.

While our friends were over, I felt very inspired to do a few things in the kitchen: cut up apples, make fresh applesauce when Minnie asked for it (our neighbor gave us a bunch of apples yesterday because that’s just the way she is!), and throw together the slow-cooker cranberry sauce (from Slow Cooker Revolution) for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving feast.

Slow-Cooker Cranberry Sauce

Now that our friends left for their lunch and nap time… I feel kind of ridiculous that I spent so much of their visit chatting with them from the kitchen. Granted, we have an open floor plan, so we were in the same space and could see and hear each other just fine. But it was definitely a case of my feeling both happy and distracted. I was content, but honestly not paying enough attention to my friends to be confident in retrospect that they were also content. At least I had it together enough to make us both some tea and share the applesauce…

After they left, I used our leftover breakfast oatmeal to make blueberry muffins. I wish I had done these first so our friends could have had some too! Minnie and I were fans. Thanks to Amanda (@SouleMama) for the recipe.


I like salty baked goods but unsalted oatmeal, so I’d probably add a bit of salt to the muffins next time. I was really pleased with the batter though – I’d venture to say that they didn’t even need the berries.

Yes, that one on the right is indeed half-eaten.

I’ve also set up two (two!) bowls of no-knead bread to be cooked tomorrow morning and brought to the feast. One is white flour (half all-purpose, half bread), and the other is my usual mix of all purpose, bread, whole wheat, oatmeal, and flax. I’ll be putting one of the loaves in our new enameled cast-iron chicken fryer – I hope it works out OK!

I really don’t always cook this much. I attribute it to being done with my work week (Monday and Tuesday nights), Minnie sleeping well last night, being so pleasantly surprised that our friends came over, and the chilly damp atmosphere outside. A very convenient mood to be in for Thanksgiving prep time.

On that note, Happy Thanksgiving!