This was a fabulous Thanksgiving.

I have a long tradition of not traveling home for Thanksgiving. I don’t think I’ve been there for T-day since… oh my goodness, since 2000.

At home, it’s just not my favorite holiday. None of us are wild about the traditional fare, though it’s diligently made, served, and eaten every year. My family generally stays at home, and we generally don’t have guests we rarely see, and most of my family enjoys watching T-day football all day (not really my thing), and so overall it’s sort of ho-hum. We all agreed it wasn’t worth my flying in from Minnesota for, and that it’s not worth our fighting traffic from Maryland for. So for me, Thanksgiving is really a holiday spent in my “new” life, not back at the nest.

Some of my eight or nine Thanksgivings in Minnesota were snowy. Not this year in Maryland! It was a mild, beautiful day.

Pretty Trees 1

We got to take Minnie out in our friends’ back yard to play in the leaves!

Minnie in the Leaves

I’m still obsessed with autumn leaves…

Pretty Trees 2

I’ve spent the last four Thanksgivings in Maryland with J and his (now our) friends. At this point, celebrating this holiday with this core group of people, plus additions visiting or being born, is a tradition I’m very attached to. There is no football. We have similar interests, so there’s lots to talk about and do. And many cooks in many kitchens means that the hosts aren’t exhausted and that the food is fantastic, varied, and seriously appreciated.

Feast Finished

I’m very grateful for a holiday well-spent, and for the company of my new little family and our good friends all year long.

And now, I’m looking forward to the company of family, family, and family in just a month for Christmas!