[I wrote this during Minnie’s nap.]

At ten months old, Minnie rarely falls asleep in my arms anymore. But she did just now, when I’d been planning to go out with her right after a quick nursing session.

Minnie Sleeps

Minnie, while she takes a surprise morning nap on mommy

It’s rare that she even gets through a nursing session without squirming away to investigate a kitty or a cool noise, coming back in a moment because she’s still hungry, and repeating this process several times at 30-second intervals. I was surprised when she fell asleep.

This nap is a throw-back to her teeny-tiny days, when she just slept and cooed and ate, and that was our world. I’m so pleased that she’s grown into a curious, chatty, wiggly little cruiser, but this newborn-style nap is a gift to me. It reminds me to savor every moment. Every single one, even that moment when I was a split second too late and she tipped over the cats’ water dish, soaking herself, the kibble, and the floor of two rooms.

I’m very grateful not to be in a position that forces me to hurry this little nap. Time can wait till my baby wakes up.