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Man, between midterms, the hurricane, and piles of homework as the end of the semester comes barreling along, there has just not been much time!

I got quite a bit done the past few days, which meant staying inside for the last two gorgeous days of the year. High-sixties and sunny. Oh well.

Today, though the work isn’t done yet, I feel like I’m surfacing.  Minnie napped only once, and fitfully at that. Plus I was tired and having trouble focusing. So instead of fighting it, I laid down too (but couldn’t sleep), and then after hanging out and playing together post-nap, Minnie and I went out for a walk.

Twilight Coming

I was a little obsessed with the late-autumn colors against the blue sky.

Fall Colors 1

Come to think of it, I was equally obsessed with late-autumn colors against the twilit sky. I need to get out more often!

Fall Colors 2

We don’t usually use a stroller, but it wasn’t very cold, and I had already taken a walk with her in the Beco this morning, so I thought we’d try it.

Minnie Stroller 1

It didn’t win me over, but it was workable for both of us!

Minnie Stroller 2

Crochet blanket as baby toy was a nice little bonus. Crochet blanket coming un-tucked and getting instantly wrapped up in the front wheels was less of a bonus.

There’s a bit of a steep up-hill at the end of this walk, and it’s my favorite part. Getting a bit of fresh air has me feeling much more ready to tackle the rest of my homework when J gets home to mind Minnie.

In the meantime, Minnie is trying to pet the less-lovey kitty, and said kitty is getting annoyed. It’s rescue o’clock!