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Oh man, it was a good weekend.

I hate to be one of those people who talks about the weather… but the weather! Perfect autumn days.

A Few Red Leaves

In between my homework and J’s home tasks, we managed to get out for walks both days. We kept it pretty short on Saturday, but stayed out over an hour on Sunday.

Pond Near Our House


Needless to say, that hour just flew by.

Red Leaves

Midterms are hitting pretty hard these days, so back inside, J bent over backwards to keep the house running and buy me some time during the upcoming week. Sunday’s fare, all courtesy of J: waffles for breakfast, fresh fajitas (with leftover steak) for lunch, and homemade stuffed shells for dinner. Leftovers galore. All while keeping an eye on Minnie and figuring out how to make a cat bed that the lovey-dovey kitty would use but that was out of Minnie’s surprisingly long reach.

Speaking of w6hic5h, ++++++++++++12458+Minnie is obsessed with my laptop,8.+ She likes -pres*-sing* -ke8y9//*


There. Now Minnie is asleep, and I had a nice ten-minute time-out putting up the photos. Time to post and then hit the books! It’s good to feel ready.