When I was noodling around with my crochet hook and a skein of pink yarn last weekend, I made a couple of these little hearts.

Little Crochet Heart

Simple Crochet Hearts

(I used worsted-weight yarn and a size G hook to get a heart that’s about 2″ tall. Sizing is flexible though.)

1. ch3, turn

2. sk first chain, sl st in two, ch1, turn

3. sk first chain, 2 sl st in first st, sl st all until last st, 2 sl st in last st, ch1, turn.

4. repeat Step 3 four times. You should have five rows, with ten st plus the extra ch.

5. Sl st in all (no inc), ch1, turn. Repeat once more, till you have seven rows.

6. (to make the rounded top of the heart) Ch 1, sk ch and 2 st, dc 7 in sp (under 3rd st). Sk 1 st, sl st in sp. Sk 1 st, dc 7 in sp. Sk 3 st, sl st in far edge of last st.

7. Weave in the ends – you’re finished!

EDIT: Optionally, you can add a border in a contrasting color. See pics here. I began in the dip of the top of the heart and did one slst per st.


  • Sew on to another crochet project, like a bag or blanket.
  • Make a bunch and attach them to a garland, bunting, or mobile.
  • Use embroidery floss and a tiny hook instead.


  • I’m in the USA, and our terminology is a bit different from UK crochet.
  • See the crochet abbreviations I used.
  • This is the first time I’ve written down an original pattern. Please let me know about errors, dicey clarity, etc!
  • Errata: I edited Step 6 at about 4pm on Oct. 11. I had accidentally put in an extra sl st and my original instructions for how many st to sk were ambiguous.