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Right now is a stolen moment during second nap-time. First nap-time ended a bit abruptly with circular saw noises from a neighboring condo – yikes. While Minnie sleeps, late-lunch cooks, and before my homework is all done, there’s time for a quick blog post.

Our family of three took an impromptu trip up to visit my folks this past weekend. We decided to take the 5ish hour trip less than 24 hours before we set out! Many thanks to dear husband J for the idea and for doing so much to make it happen. It was a lovely birthday weekend!

Birthday Evening

I was a little apprehensive about toting so much homework along with me, but I figured it was better to see my family a little bit than not at all. I ended up getting a bit less homework done than I’d planned, but spending lots more quality time with the crew than I’d dared to hope. Minnie loved loved loved being surrounded by her doting family, and I loved being able to do squeak in not just homework, but a bit of crochet and even some snuggle time with J! Other activities included several rounds of Set, consumption of a lot of chocolate frosting with a bit of cake in the middle, all of us sitting around watching Minnie like she was our TV, and accidentally falling asleep at around 8:30 on our last night there. A lovely, refreshing weekend!

Minnie & Hearts <3

Minnie cruises toward the hearts!

And now, the homework beckons.

**Edit: My homework due tonight is now done! I’ve come back and cleaned up the formatting and writing just a bit. Next up: juggle Minnie and tomorrow’s homework!