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I’ve been a bit stressed out lately. I’ll spare you the details – this blog is not about kvetching! But the fact was, I just had nothing to give my sweet little eight-month old Minnie this morning. All I could think of were the dozens of things that needed doing that were yet undone. I got us both bathed without much fuss, but after that she was uncharacteristically whiny and I was uncharacteristically annoyed. She finally went down for a nap, and even though I had about four hundred things to do that are all easier to accomplish without continually rescuing the kitties and little Minnie from each other… I took a time out.

A gloriously good decision.

I fired up the new blog, had fun taking abysmal photos for the header in the rainy-day light with my cell phone camera, knit a few rounds of Minnie’s new hat, and just wound down a bit, you know? Calm creativity. By the time Minnie woke up, I was ready to be Mommy again instead of an empty mommy impersonator. Coincidentally (or perhaps not), she is in a much better mood now too. Together, we’re inching through the to-do list, and we both seem to be enjoying it.

Day salvaged.

Little hands want yarn!